SVT - 40 Sniper Rifle (game model)

I am making SVT - 40 and I have run into dead end. I want this to be the best weapon I made, but somehow I am stuck. I would really appreciate some advice. This gun is supposed to be without a proper maintenance, dirty and rusty.

Some model info:
Polycount: 7985 tris
Main weapon: 2048px textures (Diff,Spec,Norm)
Scope: 1024px textures (Diff,Spec,Norm)
Glass: 512px (spec)

Here are some Marmoset renders:

I also uploaded it to p3d, check it below or here.


I’m sorry but I have no critique.
Everything looks great, from the materials to the texturing to the modeling to the lighting, everything looks realistic to me. The scratches really make it look like it’s seen some use. One thing actually, if you are going to be using the scope as a separate view to the gun, i.e. You can go into scope view, then I’d suggest creating a separate scope model with higher res textures.