Swabawy WIP (comment plz)

Hi Im kinda new here (as far as posting threads) and I was just kind of wonderin what do you guys think of my character Swabawy.:slight_smile: Also do you have any tips that may come in handy?
Need to work on the UV of the leaves a bit more


I need to work on the wings UV abit more

I did have face keys for the mouth but then I had to start over because mirror was on.:frowning: Also Im starting over on the Armatures because of mirror again.XD ( thankfully I only did head, arms, and wings before I noticed)

(the pics are a bit big aren’t they.>.<)

I think what you have rendered is really appealling to the eye. The colours are soft, and most true to the generic leaves etc. Once you rig it, and animate the mesh, I will be able to comment further. Great stuff btw - I’m also an anime style fan.

hmm, kbot is right about the colors, but your basic model seems a bit too simple. instead of just the basic circle for the head, I’d suggest making it a little more complicated, with real, bubbly eyes and some minimal shape to the head in sculpt mode. not saying you necessarily have to, though, if that’s the look you’re going for.

P.S: you don’t like strawberries? what planet do you come from??

Give it cartoon render like powerpuff girls and your set :smiley:

ya I was thinking about shaping out the eyes and freckeles. But for now Imma just focus on armatures.:slight_smile: