Swamp Copters

I recently started using Quixel Bridge to import Megascans assets into Blender, and this was my first serious project using them. But then I dragged out finishing it for like month- anyway, it’s finally done!

Most of the scene is made of megascans assets, but the helicopters and the materials used on them are my own creation, which took most of my time. The helicopters are mainly based on the CH-53E Super Stallion, with an engine design referencing the Mil Mi-26 along with some original design elements. I rendered the scene in Cycles X, which is so fast I could fly around the scene in real time and it felt like EEVEE. Finally, I did a little basic color grading in Photoshop to make it pop.

The helicopters were forced to make an emergency landing in the swamp before being abandoned by their crews and left behind, waiting to be consumed by the mud


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