swapping uv maps

I have downloaded this buggy and other models to work with, the problem main I am having is that I can’t seem to swap the chasis skins(4) in blender I have been trying to do this simple thing for an hour with no success, but what pisses me off about this, is that is an incredibly simple ‘drag n drop’ task in 3dsmax “which I pretty much threw away some months ago in favor of blender and only re-installed to convert max files”
so how do u swap maps, as it seems that changing the image a texture references isn’t all I have to do.
also the buggy is a multi part .3ds file, blender seems to mess up the orientation of the model some how but that could be due to the object centers. Iimported to max exported as .obj and blender got it right after that.
at this point I am thinking of swaping the skins in max and export each version to blender but that doesn’t me learn how to to fix the problem in blender

Slightly off topic, though I discovered how to do this today when I was trying to work out if you can put a texture map and a normal map into the same image, using uv sets to determine which part of the image is used for each. (it worked btw)

Here’s the part of the dialog that you do it with. It’s the picture of the grid that sets which one is the currently active one. The 2nd pic shows where abouts you select which UV set will be used for which texture.



everything seems correct when I set it up, the skin just doesn’t update/change in the view port which leads me to believe that there is some thing I am missing that isn’t readily apparent


If I understand you correctly, the prob is you can’t see the correct textures in the viewport?
You have to select the correct uv set, then select all the uvs n the uv window, then choose the image thats displayed in the uv windows. This texture will then be shown on those faces in the viewport.

The only thing I’m not sure about, is if you can display multiple textures at once on an object when in the viewport.

Here’s the file I was playing with earlier today. In 2.44, I have to change the active UV set to get the image shown in the viewport to change. In the svn from 28/11, I can just select which uv set is shown in the bottom of the uv editor window.

after hours of trying haven’t had any real success, the skin updated but I dont know how was editing the mesh undid some stuff and boom just like that the skin changed, still have no idea how haven’t been able to do it again…but I give up…too much bullshit for what is a simple task, love the modelling and animation stuff but the material system has to many oddities to contend with:confused: i’ll do the change skin stuff in max for now

If I’m understanding right, then this might work, in the UV Image editor window, with all of the faces selected in face select mode (or edit mode if you’re using an SVN build), select ‘Image/Replace’ then choose your picture.