Swatch wall piece!

Hello artists.
I wanted to practice this quick scene.
Help me making it better.
Thank you.

It looks good but very bland, nothing interesting or distinguishing about the scene.
Maybe lighting could fix this, for instance sunny orangy lighting coming from the side, looking like sunset light coming thru window,
models themseleves seem fine actually, just 1 small thing, move picture thing slightly away from sofa, its a little too close
Ground maybe should get a texture, wooden floor panels or some tiles
just these tweaks and rest should be fine

Thank You for noticing it.
well am having some issues with lighting but still trying to achieve that look. I have added rug on floor as well a table so it might give some more details to scene.

Some other things u might want to fix:
floor tiles end kinda abruptly and not really realistically into wall, this is only a small problem so it doesnt matter too much,
I feel something off about the table, either material or just generally im not quite sure
Rug is very well done and is good
i feel one way to improve the image would be to add a little more gloss into it, everything is too ordinary and dull,

Is it looking any better?

If you want to achieve that sunset look, maybe you could try playing around with a stronger source of light from a sun lamp or an hdri that has a more intensive sun source. Right now, the shadows are not as visible and the lightning might be too soft, so the image may not look as dynamic as you’d like. Adjusting the color towards a more warm cast would also work if you specifically want a sunset look. The very first image you had is good for daytime lightning and the stuff I see in some arch viz renders.

However if you don’t want any shadows I think the lighting is fine, but the scene or image might need to be a bit brighter. The other reason that the image may not look as exciting as because I think your carpet color matches the neutral color scheme of the couch, wall, and plant vase. Maybe changing the color one of them, preferably the floor or wall, might help create more contrast.

However I’m still quite new to all of this, so take my suggestions as you may.