(Green) #1

hihi :smiley:

(Timothy) #2

well congrats :slight_smile:

(sten) #3

HEHE !!! :smiley:

YAY !! :o

(Kid Tripod) #4

my vote for england is so the poll reflects the result of the group, not cos i’m dense.

thanks sweden, muchly appreciated. better game than ours was.

(Schlops) #5

Congrats green, ztonzy, Sweden! Next opponent is Senegal.

(malefico) #6

:smiley: :smiley:

… Why you ask? You can’t believe it, can you ?



(Green) #7

after that first period? not really :slight_smile:

(macke) #8

I think it might have been tactics, letting the argentina dudes tire themselves out so that their defense would be easier to penetrate. I mean, apparently sweden had looked over the defense quite a lot, every god damn attack some swede was there, getting the ball from them =)

I just wish that penalty shot hadn’t been there, Magnus Hedman got it nice, but quite frankly, I think it was evil. I mean, look at that other argentinian who was there right a way on the return, he was even inside the penalty area before the other had shot. Evil, and our dudes wasn’t really quick on the return that Hedman let away.

All in all I think it was fun to see us beat Argentina, my faith in the swedish team has jumped up a notch, gonna be fun seeing Sweden-Senegal! =D

(VanPelt) #9

D’oh! :frowning: