Sweden interior

Recent project, I hope you like it, Swedish apartment interior, criticism is welcome, thank you very much.
Using textures of Poliigon.com

360º image in https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8GnGO


Very nice! The 360º is awesome.

Awesome !
Rendered with cycles ?

super cool. i love the lighting.

Thank you so much!

Thanks, yes completely

Thanks you so much!

Great interior render :slight_smile:

Love this piece. The pillows were excellently textured, they look so real.

I’m from Sweden. I’ve seen this “white and fresh” so many times it makes me puke! I hate IKEA, it has done so much damage to interior design! Bring out the Chesterfields!

Thanks mate

Thank you so much!

great renderings,

a comment - why on the first pic the floor is lit with a light on the background more than on the foreground?

think the background should be lit less and it more far from window?