Swedish blender community?

This is mainly aimed to swedish users so I’ll go on in swedish from here on (if that’s ok, please tell me if it’s not):

Jag (och antagligen en hel del andra också) har länge velat ha en blendercomunity i sverige. Jag säger inte att jag inte gillar elysiun (för jag spenderar minst två timmar per dag här :smiley: ) , men nu när blender växer så snabbt som det gör kommer det många nya användare och medlemsantalet börjar bli rätt stort här. Jag är av åsikten att en liten comunity oftast är trevligare (det är faktiskt trots allt comunityn som är det absoult bästa med blender) och att en liten svensk version skulle vara alderles utmärkt.

Sedan sulle det även vara väldigt kul att få träffa lite andra blenderheads på riktigt och jag tror att en svensk blenderkonferans inte skulle vara långt borta om ngon bara tog tag i det. Det finns en hel drös av folk som är otroligt skickliga och som jag tror skulle kunna bidra med en del.
En ganska stor del av användarna här är faktiskt svenskar och jag tycker att det är dåligt att vi inte har mer sammarbete.

Det här är främst för att se om intresset finns, men jag skulle själv vara villig att lägga en del tid i att göra verklighet av dessa drömar. Jag kan dock inte göra det själv, det krävs att fler engagerar sig.

Hm…this reminds me of this thread:


[edit] That’s not to say this is spam, but in the past communication in a different language other than English has been looked down upon on elYsiun. Simply because not everybody understands it, and you could be talking about people behind their backs.

Yeah, I understand that, I’m realy sorry. I guess I’ll translate then (didn’t have any reson to write in swedish realy, it’s just that I’m more comfortable with it… and I gues i got carries away). thanks for pointing it out.
Translated version:

I (And probably many others too) have longed for a swedish blender comunity a long time. I dont say that I don’t like elysiun (I do spend at least two hours a day here :D) , but now when blender is growing as fast as it is many new users come and the membercout is starting to become rather big. I belive that a smaller comunity often is nicer (after all the comunity is the absolutly best thing about blender) and that a small swedish version would be great.

I allso think that it would be fun to meet some other blenderheads in real life and iI think that a swedish blenderconferance wouldn’t be far away if only somebody took the initiative. There’s a whole bunch of people here that are increadibly skilled and that I think would be able to add lot’s of things.
A pretty big part of the users here are actually swedish and I think it’s bad that we don’t cooperate more.

The purpose of this is mainly to se if there’s interest in this, but I would be willing to spend some of my own time on making this dreams come true. I can’t however do this alone, more people are needed.

Alright I´m from sweden. I would like to have a swedish blender community.
Sadly I dont have the time to get involved.

Lucky me, there’s already more than one Polish Blender community.

points and laughs at those puny little Swedes with their Rollmops and Knäckebrot (not to forget reindeer) :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

PS: Sorry for the German spelling of those two Swedish specialities, but that’s my best effort! :expressionless:

Lol! I don’t know what “rollmops” are supposed to be but anyway, nice try (but acually it’s knäckebröd :P)!
compared to my english that’s great :wink:

Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Rollmops” is marrinated herring that’s rolled up, thus the name. At least according to a half Danish, half Swedish friend of mine.

I am myself a swede (as most of you already know), but to start a new community (yes that’s the correct spelling) it takes lots of effort and energy, and someone who wants to code and service it (which isn’t easiest always). I am all for a swedish community (but I don’t think I would give up this one or upcoming blenderartists.org) but as I am a administrator at this community, I don’t know if I would like to have more workload than I already have here. I am also a moderator at blender.org , but I rarely use any moderatorship there.

to have a special part of elysiun to be another language than english, will never happen…

good luck what ever the outcome will be.


ps. I have got this question before from another swedish forumuser here, but as always, it needs lots of energy make it. (and my english isn’t perfect always either :wink: )

If I remember correctly, there used to be a French (or was that Finnish?) sub-forum on elYsiun a looong time ago. What happened to it? Or was there never one and I’m just imagining it? :o

By Community I don’t necccesaily mean “site with forums”, but rather that we come together, do things together .Like a conferance… but that needs lot of work too, and I belive it’s better to start small and work yourself upward.
However, as I said this is just to see how big the interest is. If there is no interest, why bother at all (but I hope that it is).

Btw, I would never give up elysiun either :smiley: (not even for maya, smax, zbrush, 6,000,000$, a renderfarm and all the “rollmops” I could ever eat :smiley: )

If “doing things together” means buying a few crates of beer and hiring some strippers, then I have to admit that I was an undercover Swede all along.

Actually I’m an… um… “Nykterist” in swedish, (one that doesn’t drink alcohol). But other then that I do think this would make EVEN MORE people join our community, so why not? :wink:


/runs off to apply for Swedish citizenship… :stuck_out_tongue:

Did someone say strippers :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is exactly what I had in mind, we will focus primary on blender,ok? :wink:

good luck…

Sure it would be nice to get together and do things! have a Swedish conference, forum, project, community, beers (bmax can drink some “sencha cream” tee ::the best green tee there is:: ) or something! :smiley:

Once I was into Basic and HTML. I had a weak moment, lots of cash and bought Visual C++ Learning and a book! But DAM! I found it so boring and found no use for it. Iv found myself happier just being an artist. =)

I live in Helsingborg. Every weekend I go to Copenhagen then Malmö then back home.

I haven’t been into Blender and the forums enough to know where the Swedes using blender are located. It would be great to meet some Swedish Blenders.

BTW. Iv read somewhere on this forum that there is a school in Sweden were they give lessons in Blender!

Keep up the good thoughts!

I’ll have to find that one! :o

Right now I think most peole have pretty much to do but after christmas I would gladly start planning someting. I know that a conferance would take some work, but we might be able to pull it of, if enough peole get involved. As said I have too much to do right now however and I’ll look into that more after christmas.

Feel free to pm me or contact me trough msn if you have any suggestions or anything.

Hi I’m from Sweden too, and this sounds like a really good Idea. ( just for fun, swedes means (kolrot). Thought you should know that :wink: )
I don’t know anything about C(where the hell is the plus button on a laptop keyboard?) but I do like to get involved somehow on the swedish forum if there’s going to be one.



I’m from Sweden too (Karlskrona). It would be fun with a Swedish community of some sort, although I too have very little spare time.

And my Blender capabilities are purely amateurish. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’m a “Nykterist” too. :wink: