Swedish milk

Hello good people of the Blender Community

Here comes my very first Blender artwork. Tryin’ to go so realistic as possible with this. Would be thankful for some critic from you more experienced guys. Cheers! /Elias

Roligt att se ännu en svensk på forumet, välkommen! :slight_smile:

Ok, the picture is really good (even if I prefer the brand “Skånemejerier”), but to get total photorealism there are a few things I noticed that you perhaps can change:

  • The edges of the milk package are to sharp. When you fold there will be slightly round edges because of the thickness of the paper.
  • If the package has most of it’s milk left, then it should be a tiny bit thicker in the middle because of the weight of the milk and the softness of the package.
  • You should have some defocus in the picture. The end of the table is to sharp.
  • If I look really close on the picture I can also see some strange corners of the milk in the bottom of the glass. These you will not notice the same way as the other things, so that you may not have to change directly.
  • I don’t really know about the table texture. It feels that you have not given it proper displacement but I can be wrong in this.

…but it’s a good picture so please take the critisism as helpers.

The picture looks very realistic, except the milk in the glass that needs to be a little more transparent, especially as it is low-fat milk.
Low-fat milk often has a little slight blue color tinge. As it is now it looks more like youghurt I Think.
What kind of material is on the tablesurface ?

Jag är också svensk, men dricker inte mjölk så ofta och då föredrar jag röd mjölk eller grädde.

Pretty nice.

  • The table texture looks pretty of low res. I think a wood texture would be better, it would make the scene a bit warmer. Currently it is pretty cold.
  • MagicGlow is right, the picture needs some slight defocus.
  • That plastic cap does look a bit fake. Is it only a diffuse shader?
  • The milk package looks some kind of floating to me. It’s somehow to the ground.