sweet wooty woot!

(blengine) #21

actually, im not sure yet =)
its a company thats just starting out… theyre doing all the beginning business then comes the deal =) ill ask him all about the company in the next email


ill let u all know when i hear more from him, and thanks =)

(dickie) #22

i’m proud of you dude!
rock on!

(BgDM) #23

Really cool! Congrats man. Awesome opportunity for you. Hop eit goes well.

Have you gotten any letters of intent, or things like that? If not, I wouldn’t be forwarding your image yet. Wait until you get a full deal, and in writing before you do anything with it. That’s the last thing you need is to have your work stolen from you and you have to get into it with lawyers and such. That will cost you more than you can imagine.

Not trying to be an ass here, just hoping that you are watching your back as well.


(blengine) #24

bgdm, i know exactly what u mean =D dont worry, the guy had me make a much bigger render with no background…its all ready for him, but he wont get it till the deals set =)

(malefico) #25

GREAT NEWS ! I’m really happy for you, you’re good press for Blender !

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Remember the old days of MaStA :wink: