render with blender2.93 cycles. full rigged character.

spline ik


She certainly has potential, but I don’t understand why you pose her so stiff (almost an A-pose) when she’s fully rigged anyway? Kind of a missed opportunity, in my opinion.
A little turn of her head, a smile, the arms in a different position, it would be so much more natural …

thx,I will make some different poses and expression later.

a pose with smile


will continue to improve this model.


Nice work… good lighting too

thank you,your works are amazing.

why you have two accounts? lmao…

I like coding and make 3d art , Use two accounts to avoid confusion.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

thanks alot !
I still want to improve this model
here is a new render.

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First Off – beautiful work, did you create your character mesh or did you use a commercially available one??

Secondly – what are all the dotted lines connected to here? Is that parenting or a light source or what is it?

I have created this character for years ,you can find my reply on here ,I use instant meshes for topology from a sculpt mesh Instant field aligned meshes - #75 by imdjs

the dotted lines is connected to a empty object ,which is the parent of whole scene.

the mesh is not hard to create but the rigging setting is hard to make it perfect , I still improving the rigging and weight map, textures,matierial,driver, etc.

here are some sculpt videos I made:

render a close up.change the SSS a bit.