Swiss Chalet

Finally, I managed to finish this work.

The scene is based on an actual project I worked on at work for private clients.My goal was to create a full interior scene with blender for the first time, and I’m pretty proud of the result ! :smiley:

I used this scene to create a few renders and tried to create a little work to show how the model work.

Please leave comment if anything bugs you, I really think that community critisicm is important.

Breakfast Time

Living Room

Gif of the post-processing in photoshop

History of the scene, it shows the many renders and tries I made before the final one :smile:

Clay VS Render

The kitchen

And the post-process

Clay VS Render

Movie Night


And some pictures that show some context !

Thank you !


Ok man once again you have done a very good job.This needs to be featured!!!

Thanks a lot !

The realism here is awesome! great work!

Very nice images.

I’m curious how you created the clay render with the natural lighting (7th image looking to the kitchen over the sofa). Is it just an override material with an HDRI or is there some other settings involved? I’ve tried exactly that on a model yet my result was not as white/yellowish,more blue/grey. Obviously this could be down to the different HDRI’s and override materials but I just want to be sure I’m not overlooking something else.

You’re #featured! :+1:

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


I use an addon you can find in preferences to make clay render. I just had to remove glasses to let light in, and I did a little photoshop mixing render and AO pass.
I’m using an HDRi + Sun in this scene, so I can point the sunlight wherever I want :smiley:

Thanks you ! I really appreciate it ! :smile:

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