Switch between contextual mode groups in viewport

Starting on v2.92 after 2.79. Almost zero familiarity with Blender, only occasional, light usage.

Attempting to follow “Blender EEVEE: Glass Tutorial(Refraction)” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elcYkXrkIE4 tutorial. @0:45, the author seemingly keys Ctrl-Tab to bring up a Pie Menu:
“Rendered,” “Wireframe,” “Solid,” “Material Preview.”

However when I try to do the same, my Pie Menu displays…
“Object Mode,” “Edit Mode,” “Sculpt Mode,” “Vertex Paint,” “Weight Paint,” “Texture Paint.”

How do I make my menu match the author’s at that time code? Thanks for any help.

I’ve just learned that the Rendered, Wireframe, Solid, Material Preview menu options are actually called off the Z key rather than from Ctrl-Tab. So, solved. Thanks.