Switching animations with properties/the same button

Hay everyone,

i have 2 situations for programing in the game engine

#1 - switching animations with property #s

ive made animations, but instead of your average armatur based animation, i used a parent/child animation. my vehicle (Similar to the boats in Hydro Thunder) has ~8 separate parts to transform into boost mode.

heres the thing, i need to set a universal property for activating the boost mode with all the parts using one property. so do i have to use python script to alternate between, and if so what do i type in. if not what do i do.

#2 - Switching animations with one button.

Like in every single transformers game i know converting from one form to another form. Now this question is similar to #1 because the animation is parent/child animation based, what do i have to do.

This explanatory enough? You can use this for boost mode, too.


example.blend (680 KB)

If I understand you correctly, the attached .blend file should demonstrate the technique you hope to achieve. (Made in Blender 2.49b)

The Spacebar will activate the animation. Note the “Child” button on the IPO actuator.

Edit: Oops. YoungApprentice must have posted while I was writing my reply. Oh well. Now you have two different methods of doing what you want.


IPO_child.blend (35.1 KB)


Great minds think alike!

This JUST happened to me earlier!