Switching IPO curve types?

Is there a way to switch all the curves of a pose from linear to constant to spline and back again? Maybe a python script or something? It looks like you have to select each object, then select all of the curves for that object , then switch interpolation type. I’d like to switch all of the control object’s IPO’s to constant, to block out the animation, then back to linear or spline for animating after I’ve got it blocked. Multiselecting the control objects doesn’t seem to show all the curves for the selected objects. Or am I doing something wrong here?
EDIT: Uhhh, never mind. You do this with the keys selected in the action editor, not the IPO curve editor…:rolleyes:…where one might think one would change a curve type…:spin:
…my bad…:o

Please prefix the title of your thread with (Solved). I had to read through the whole message to realize that it was for nothing. No offense but it would be nice.