Switching to local perspective makes objects disappear

So I’m modeling something and I noticed the moment I switch to local perspective by using the “/” key, all the objects disappear except the object I selected in object mode.
Can someone help me out?

This is exactly what local perspective is supposed to do, isolate the object in a “local” view for better working with it. What are you actually trying to do?

ooh, I didn’t knew the exact function of it. Now you’ve explained it I understand. I was trying to make clothing by looking at the body shape, so I wanted both layers to be seen.

If your workflow is edit mode on the clothing with the body behind it, you can try X-ray mode, which should be in the header of 3D view window, to the left of the rendering modes.

Thanks, x-ray mode helps out a lot!

Maybe you figured it out already, you can select both, cloth and body and enter local view.