Sword attempt :)

My very first go at modeling, I was absolutely thrilled when I understood how to add textures etc. I think im really getting the hang of this :slight_smile:

sword of thoR:


Tell me what you think ( be honest ).

Dint Thor have a hammer?

Anyways its a start but no offence it needs alot of improvement.

1.)its seems too short(Looks like a dagger)

2.)Sword tip doesn’t look attached to the the rest of the sword texturing needs alot of work(maybe raytrace blade)

4.)the blade. it is dull. the sides aren’t sharp enough,(only works as a fire poker right now)

those jus some of the things it could use and also if your going for a legendary sword look try adding more detail to the thing( if your up to it. Its’ your choice.)

And o yeah welcome to Elysiun, din’t mean to be mean there but we all start somewhere.

I’d like to add more detail to it, but I don’t know how, HOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :slight_smile:

I figured that much my 1st project was the more primative than that so don’t feel stupid. once u get the hang of modeling it gets alot easier… only way to get better is to do new projects and practice(and try starting simple and working your way up) its better to finish than to get 1/2 way and give up. Try looking at the Tut list and figure the features out, you can learn alot of short cuts and helpful tips that way.

You can add more detail in a number of ways,…I could describe some, but it would be easier to direct you to my thread ‘modelling techniques and strategies’ in ‘general’ forum. this describes some extrusion techniques that will help you to add details. Good early work btw.
<edit> here’s a link to the thread

For a first go at modelling this is superb.

Keep it up!!



for your first project this is great :smiley:

About the details, personaly i like making them seperetly to the base mesh, and then joining them using cntr-J

when you know exactly where they will be, then you can model them straight away.

keep practising, experimenting, and asking for help, no other way to learn.


welcome to Elysiun. Nice first project. Hope we’ll see more. You already did mirroring … which I’ve never used yet. Way to go :stuck_out_tongue:

check this one:P


somebody delete the previous ones:S

That’s a nice sword, and welcome to Elysiun. btw, if you want to display a render it would be best to start your own thread, with the ‘new post’ button. also, there is a button labelled ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ for editing your own posts, so it is not necessary for a moderator to edit your post.

thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile: I hope to be blendering again soon, after exams are over :confused: