Sword Freestyle/Materials WIP

Decided to take a shot at making a sword, still thinking of how i want to make the blade, working on materials for the handle, guard and pommel.

for some reason my leather texture is repeating all over and i cant get it to stay a single layer

Added a more detailed metal material and changed the handle to a string wrap handle.

Major texture redo and added a blade, im having trouble with that i can see the uvs in the reflection, is their a way to fix this?
im using an hdri for reflections and lighting.

fixed the low res reflection.

Making a scene with this sword, i felt a winter render might be cool so so far this is what i have.

Still working on how i can add some snow falling using particles, and how to add just a little fog.

I think the lighting on the black shot do the materials more justice than the snow scene.

Yea, i wanted to make the metal a little less shiny with more texture and depth to it, but i guess the shiny material looks ok.

Rendered using the lighting of the black render and the material if the blade from the snow render.

I like the Last render you did, it seems very real.