SX Tools: Multi-layer Vertex Coloring with AO, Curvature, PBR and Palettes (WIP)

Oh, depending on which version you’ve been using before, you may notice some changes.

In 4.x it’s now possible to apply all filler actions (color, gradient, AO etc.) with their own separate alpha and blend mode.

For example, you can add 10% RGB noise with Multiply blend directly into an existing layer. In 3.x this needed a free layer to fill with noise, followed by a layer merge operation.


Beta 4.x release now on github.

Performance release:

  • Working with denser meshes is now in some cases 100X faster.
  • Simple meshes now over twice as fast to batch process.
  • Filler operations can be performed on existing layers (e.g. apply gradients at 10% opacity in Multiply mode to existing layers)
  • UI more responsive.
  • Filler tool UI redesigned, may still be re-organized

Feedback most welcome!


Stable 5.x out.

  • Smart separate improved
  • UI streamlined
  • Tiling mesh AO support using geometry nodes
  • And numerous minor usability & functionality tweaks