Symetrical modeling

How can I change something on one side of the origin, while making it semetrical on the other side.

Here is the sword I am working on.

I want to make those wing looking things by making just the left one (or right) while the oposite side is doing the same thing that I am doing, but backwards, that way I t turns out symetrical.

Create one side then mirror on an axis - M key - that what your after?

Well, to be more specific, in lightwave (I use lightwave at school) you can click a button called symetry. Then everything you do on one side of the axis is mirrored in real time.

I suppose making one side then mirroring it would work. It might take a little extra time since I would have to delete the polygons on the other side as well as removing doubles, if I were to mirror it.

That’s just the mirror modifier. Check the modifiers tab under the ‘editing’ button subset. Then go >>add modifier>mirror.

The mirror modifier mirrors around the center point of your object (the pink dot). If the center point is in fact off-center, the mirror will be lop-sided.

In object mode the center point can be re-positioned.

I played around with the mirror modifyer, and it mirrored the entire object including the handle, that dosn’t need to be mirrored. I think I’ll just model one side then mirror it.

In order to have the mirror modifier work correctly you need to delete one side the model. In your case that will involve creation a loop/line in the center of the mesh and deleting the vertices on one side.

Ummmm, are you saying that the problem would not happen in LightWave using the symmetry button?

The mirror modifier mirrors the entire object around the center. Either chop the object in two like Calvin suggested, or separate the part you want mirrored into a separate object by selecting its vertices and using the P Key.

The symmetry button in lightwave is a little hard to explain. It doesn’t mirror the object. let’s say you were working on my sword handle that I have in the top picture. It you were to click symmetry on, and select a point on the left side of the axis, and move it even more left. The corresponding point on the oposite side of the axis will move right. all other points and polygons would be unafected. It’s not a modifyer or anything. you click symmetry on then it moves symmetrical. then you click symmetry off. and then you model normally.

I think I’ll try that. Thanks.

I believe the “x-axis-mirror” button in the edit buttons -> mesh tools 1 panel is what you are looking for.


That button is useful when you already have a fully modelled object and you want to move/edit vertices around. (Good for shapekeys!) But if you are still modeling, that button doesn not mirror newly created vertices.

Yeah, I tryed to extude one side, but it didn’t extrude on the other side. I can see that being useful for fixing the cheeks on a human. For the sword I think I’ll just model one half, then delete the coresponding faces, and mirror . then remove doubles.

Cut your object in half, as Calvin suggested, and then use the mirror modifier.
It’s EXACTLY what you’re referring to in Lightwave.