symmetric modeling

I modeled a head using symmetric modeling (alt-D). When i join both halfs you still see some difference in color. How do you avoid that ? can it be repared ?

select all > remove doubles.



there is the new mirror modifier which automatically welds vertices under a certain threshold value. great help IMO. only available in current testing builds.

Keyboard shortcut?

F9 >> “Add Modifier” >> “Mirror”

I don’t think the mirror modifier sorts the problem. It seems to just make a virtual copy of the edited mesh. When you apply the modifier, it leaves vertices in even more awkward places than before.

I was hoping it would link one side of a joined model to the other with a threshold that meant if the vertex on one side is within that threshold of the mirror position on the opposite, then it should copy the changes.

That way you don’t have to apply the modifier and lose all the mesh data.

correct me if I’m wrong

so after moddeling
en joining the seperate meshes to one mesh
you have to merge all the ‘overlapping’ vertices one by one
to produce one clean mesh ?

is it possible to Alt-D and then flip one side over
then model
and when the modeling is finished
remove the doubles, using the appropriate button
or is it better to do a negative scale ? (and then merge)


If you snap your cursor to the center loop, then set the cursor as pivot point and mirror your duplicate around the cursor, then the 2 center loops will be superimposed and you can simply remove doubles.


With the new mirror modifier you don’t need to remove doubles or recalculate any , Just hit the Apply button if you want to. Also you can edit bouth parts of the mesh at the same time