Hi guys

Is there a way I can symmetrise my mesh without affecting the assigned vertex groups?


Apologies if I misunderstood your question…but I select the geometry and apply a Mirror modifier.

Hi Otto, thanks for your reply

I’ll should have explained what my problem was.

I have created spider legs, 4 legs on either side. These legs have been assigned vertex groups to the bone structure.

The problem that I have is I am trying to unwrap these legs so I can texture them. I can unwrap all 8 legs and paint them individually which I do not want to do as I want them to be symmetrical. I want to be able to texture 1 leg and have that texture applied to the same symmetrical leg adjacent.

I’ve tried selecting all legs, separating them by pressing P --> separate by loose parts. I mark the seams of one of the legs, map it, unwrap it then bake it. I then select both legs (selecting the textured one last) then press CTRL+L to transfer UV layout. The layout does transfer but not correctly as the paint isn’t applied symmetrically.

The reason I ask if there was a way to snap the symmetry of my Mesh is because I think it could be a problem with a few minor tweaks I made to some of the edges and vertices. But when I symmetrise it, it completely messes with my vertex groups and joints.

I hope this made any sense

here’s a screenshot of the spider and the issue I have texturing it to make it alittle easier