Sync between outliner and object-data properties not working

I’ve watched a video showing that, when you click on object data in outliner, the corrisponding object data properties panel should be displayed

(from 3.20)

But for me it’s not working on Blender 3.0

Am I missing something?
Many thanks!

Hi, nothing will change by clicking on the objects unless you click on the right hand side where the modifiers, particles, textures… are.

Thank-you digitvisions, indeed that’s what I’m doing, but watching this basic tutorial it should work just clicking on the data properties icon (and for sure it would be much more smart)…
Please whatch these few seconds of the tutorial (sorry for the audio)

Yes, that is because the orange cube is selected the one above the spanner.

Ok i think figured it out when you click on the text you don’t get the data when you click on the icon next to it it changes to that data.

Ok, that’s funny, because with the outliner on the left side of the window it’s not working, but with the outliner on the right upper side (the default position) it’s perfectly working… … :confused:

In my opimion this could be a bug

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Strange indeed?

Quite a bit. Do you know where to post for official bug/issues of the 3.0 release?