Synced Modifiers – Free Script Sundays E02 – Free Addon

The 2nd episode of my Youtube series ‘Free Script Sundays’ covering the new “Synced Modifiers” Addon is out now! You can check out the video here:

What is Synced Modifiers Addon?

Synced Modifiers is a free Blender Addon that allows you to add modifiers to multiple objects at the same time and automatically syncs them using Drivers.

Get it for free on my Gumroad
Get it for 3$ on Blender market

Also, V2.0 for last week’s ‘Import As Decal’ Addon is Out! and it comes with a built-in Decal Browser.
Get Import as Decal v2.0:
Gumroad (Free)
Blendermarket (1$)


It’s criminal that “Synced Modifiers” is not built in.
This was a thing since forever in 3ds max.


is there a way to randomize with a clamp the aumont of the bevel of several objects at once?

would for example type in the field aumont : random + clamp .