Synchronize animation in all windows/play frame ranges?

Some things has been bugging me a little bit, and knowing blender I am sure there is a way around it. When I am in the IPO curve editor, and I press Alt-A, the green marker slides along the timeline, but in the 3d views the animation does not update. Conversely, in a 3D view when I press Alt-A the scene animates but no moving green marker on the IPO editor timeline. Is there a way to have it so all these things are syncronized when playing?

Also, can I select a range of an animation and just loop play that section?



to play only part of an animation you must set the start/end frames to that region in the render buttons

to play an animation in all 3d views, do shift+alt+A

if you want that to include an ipo or action view too, put the cursor there when you start it