Synergies : video explicative


I would like to share a work I’ve finished.
It’s not the thing the most bautiful and entertaining thing you can see, but it has the particularity to be a 100% blender production, from modelisation to video exportation. Well, only characters have been imported from an SVG format.
It uses a little bit of composition to overlay scenes and some nice plugins from this forum (re:lay, …)
It has been produced in 3 weeks, to present an internal process in a french group meeting.

Bye and to my next blender project !

I loved it! I do a lot of motion graphics and am slowly moving to use Blender more than after effects. Any motion graphics that is 3 minutes long can tend to get a little slow in places. But you did a great job of keeping it moving. Good job all around!

Hi! Great work! This could be a tv ad! I like this kind of isometric modeling… This is nice!

Thank you for watching ! Some sequences are slow and not animated as I wanted but it was so stretch in time ! And messages of the group were more priorities than motion graphics … I decided to make it in Blender because I love this software and it allowed for me to learn a lot of things about VSE, animation, outliner, and start with compositing. Hope I will have soon a new occasion to involve Blender !

Thank you !

Salut Franck, sympa ta vidéo, propre et efficace :wink:

I really like the style and look of this. A little long but otherwise very nice.

Nicely simplified.