Syntheyes Motion Tracking and Blender 2.5

Just did a little tracking / rendering in Blender 2.5.

Render time was about 20 hours with node output.
It would have taken me approx 100 hours on the old blender…it
renders very very slow compared to 2.5

(ThanksREiKo Rhoemer for your tips!)

Great shot! And good job on the reflections! :wink:

Thanks man!

Excellent work! Impressed!

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Really nice :slight_smile:

How did you import the Python file from Syntheyes into Blender 2.5?

woohoo! You should be there right next to your Mustang, dude! :smiley:

Dam that’s dam good I thought the Mustang was real and some kind of blender robot was going to appear somewhere. Besides that I love those cars, your composition is excellent. I have After Effects CS4, do you see a noticeable advantage in getting CS5?

Nice work, looks good. Though I think your light is maybe a lil bit to orange, other then that looks nice.

sweet! great job on everything, reflections. the only thing I found was a bit to much HUE or color richness on the coloring. a bit to orange, and not yellow. something to take into consider is the clear blue sky. it should have affected the color of the car.

nice work anyways, syntheyes I think does a great job on tracking.