I’m surprised nobody else posted something about the movie earlier. I thought it was probably the best and most meaningful movie I’ve ever seen. A little confusing at times, but nonetheless amazing. It definitely shows the real corruption in the world, which is really quite saddening. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you’re someone not quite aware of these issues or are apathetic, this might help with those problems.

Everyone’s so apathetic around here, but who cares anyway? (j/k :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looking forward to seeing this movie. How does it compare with The Constant Gardener (on a corruption-theme basis)?

Everyone’s so apathetic around here, but who cares anyway? (j/k :stuck_out_tongue: )[/quote]

Haha, good one mzungu.

I don’t usually like movies like this. I watch movies to escape reality, to watch the workings of someone else’s imagination. If I want to learn about politics, I will turn on the news or watch a documentary.

I’m not against mixing education with entertainment but as with most mixtures, even with a perfect balance of both ingredients, you are still getting 50% less of each.

I haven’t seen The Constant Gardener, but this was a very entertaining movie regardless of the message; very suspenseful.