System bot messes up images inside spoilers


It seems system bot messes up images under spoilers.
Transparent background also broken.
Is there a way to use images from external site without making them local?

Link to thread

It seems that img tags also not helping, everything just messes up again.

It seems you added a lot of HTML markup, you should probably avoid that.

And you can’t avoid remote images being downloaded, it’s a core feature of Discourse that prevents topics from breaking if external resources disappear.


The solution I used works on GitHub and mkdocs markups.
Adding spaces helped:


What about transparent images? For some reasone one is broken:
However another one is working fine:

Assuming it doesn’t support semi transparency :frowning_face:

This is not Github :man_shrugging:

Yeap, I see, I just thought engines basically the same, especially that it works in preview and then system bot brakes everything…
Thanks anyway, problem is kinda solved (except for transparent images)!

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@bartv could BA have support for semi transparent images?
I know that this is not essential and might be turned off due to some performance or storage reasons, but maybe…

It’s already supported; check the same image using the light theme:


Yes, here it works. But in header it is not the case.
Editing image:

Image on site with proper opacity:

After system bot uploads a local copy:

Ah I see now, we do convert PNG to JPG in some cases because of storage reasons. I don’t think this needs to be changed as we only had one complaint about this in three years :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s exactly what I thought :sweat_smile:
Yep, that is not essential, just nice to have!
Thanks again for help!

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