System Console on Mac - BGE 2.62

Hi All,

I can’t seem to find any place to turn on the system console display for BGE on Mac OS X with Blender 2.6 - It does not appear in the help menu as posts on the forum would suggest. I’m trying to see the output of some python print statements, but they appear nowhere.



For some reason, Unix systems (which Mac is based off of) can’t seem to open consoles like Windows systems can. Maybe they don’t hide windows or something (where Windows can start the console with Blender and then hide it, Mac and Linux just don’t start them at all). On a Mac, you need to navigate into the app, go in through another folder, and start the ‘inside’ Blender app. This will cause it to start with the console. I suppose you could also start the app from a console.

Either way, you should be able to make a shortcut so that you don’t have to keep doing that.

Right Click (Or CMD CLICK) the blender app
Then,show package contents
then, navigate into MacOS and you’ll see a shell script to run. make a shortcut to it

Thanks - you are right !


is there any way that the console that shows in blender (when you drag down the top bar) could display what the system console does?

Unfortunately not, nor would there be any use; the viewports are locked when entering BGE mode, so there would be no visual feedback until after runtime.