T-800 model updated and raytraced.

Got an animation of endoskeletons’ new head.


WHOA! NICE! The detail rocks, also the lightsaber is pretty cool!

Here’s a place where a bunch of Star Wars fanfilm dudes hang out:


I have a problem, whenever i try watching it it says i need to install new software, and when i try it says i can’t. I’m using real player.

i’ve got the same model you used for your animation :slight_smile:

very nice stuff. the lightning looks very cool and the reflections are great. hot long did it take to render this?

same model from the internet, but I redid the head and jaw. way cooler.
took overnight to render. should play on window media player (divx4 codec)

The lights and the raytracing in the scene make the model look very nice!
I think it would be very cool if you animate a lightsabre-fight (with camre rotation,motion blur and so on)…
But you already thougt of it , didn’t you? :smiley:

Shiny :smiley:

Overall nice anim. Nothing to crit.

yesyesyes!!! it looks great!

wow that is jus scary(why does everyone need a light saber :slight_smile: )
Very sweet love the model… and im jus curious with all those hydraulic pistons how many contrains are on that model?

Where did you get the model ?
Id love to have that ! :slight_smile:

I just counted and it has 33 constraints ( wow, I impressed myself )
and I didn’t even animate the chest or upper arm pistons.

Here’s where I got the model

Hail Tobor!


And now all ya gotta do is rig it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i dont suppose you could post your blender version of the model, could you? ive got an idea i’d like to make, but i need the model in blender. ive used this model before in maya about 3 years ago, but it didnt turn out the way i’d like (render-wise)

also, as a newbie to blender, i’d like to know how you did the backgorund smoke and lightsaber glowing effect, im in desperate need of some neon signs for my other animation.

VERY good, but one crit:
Set the lightsaber to halo, and increase ADD, decrease alpha. You can see the edges, and it looks extremely fake as it is…

SWEET! And you did that in blender. Great work man. WOW! All I can say right now.

Please post the blender version :smiley: Love everything exept the lightsaber the glow needs works.

i guess we’re never going to get the .blend version, we’re just going to have to convert and retexture it ourselves.

Let’s see , I’ve spent alot of time working on that model conversion so let’s add it up:

the original conversion - not too long 1 or 2 hours

getting all of the 33 constraints and the armature working together -
oh , I don’t know, about 2 weeks. That’s with the learning curve because this is the model that I learned how to use armatures and constraints on.
In fact I just added eight more on the forearms for a total of 41!

redoing the head. now the model I converted mine from was a T-600
from Tobor’s site- great head but doesn’t look quite the same as the movie version so I redid it and then redid it about five times. In fact, almost everytime I open the file I try to refine that damn head. 1 year!!!

Now I’m not saying I’ve spent over a year on this model but it’s been on my desktop for over that and I’m kinda fond of it. And I’m not sure I want to hand it over to the some guy who has only been on the forum for a month with 11 posts 2 of which are on this topic.

You could say it’s just a converted model what’s the big deal. But the cool parts are the constraints that work and the head redux, but I must admit I’m still not happy with the head.

Just an idea:
remove the armature, post the mesh.
Write a tute on how to armature it :slight_smile:

or whatever.

I assume this is one of the good terminators. If he was bad he would have a red light saber right? 8)

Great looking model!!!

A terminator with a lightsaber! now THERE’S a deadly combination! :wink:

great model and anim! :slight_smile: