T. rex skull and neck - 3D printed model

The second of 5 models from my new 3D printed Tyrannosaurus collection, modelled and sculpted entirely in Blender 2.78 and 2.79.

T. rex skull available on Shapeways

Based on the proportions of the largest rex skulls (about 1.5 metes long) the model has an articulating jaw and is available in 7 scales from 1:10 to 1:32.

Example shown is 1:20 scale. It’s brush painted with artist’s acrylic and lightly sprayed with a compatible gloss varnish for protection. Display stand is fashioned from perspex and 2mm piano wire.

W.I.P. thread can be seen HERE
Photography by Mushroom Imaging


nice work man, i can see ther are lot sif details !!!

Glad you like it.

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Third model from the collection now on Shapeways.
Managed to get the 3D print files and photos sorted yesterday.

T. rex - skull & neck Shapeways link

Same feature set as the skull but this one includes the first 9 cervical vertebrae of the spine. That just leaves the 2 dual-detail rex models to complete the set. I’ll start working on those tomorrow and hope to have them ready by the weekend.