T Rex

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Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here regularly, but I’ve started working on a T Rex sculpt. Ideally this is going to be a serious project that I’m going to finish completely, since my goal is to get some material for a demo reel in the near future:

So far, I’ve gotten the basic form of the head/neck, and I’m working on adding detail to the neck. I still need to address finer forms in the head as well. I’ve been working on getting some loose, leathery reptilian skin on the neck, but I don’t think it’s coming through that well. Teeth are placeholders. Any C&C is appreciated, please be harsh with it!


I think you’ve done a great job but the only thing that gets me is how thin and symmetrical the bottom teeth are take a look at this skull https://www.si.edu/newsdesk/photos/t-rex-skull-white

Thanks! The teeth are just placeholders; after working on other parts of the head, I’ll add better teeth, and try to stick them into the jaw crocodile-style. Perhaps I should clarify what my progress is in my original post.

Looking at some Komodo dragon pics it looks like their skin sags are more pinched and tighter together if that makes sense lol your sags look more rolling mounds where as the Komodo dragons skin kinda drops straight down and then right back up every like half inch. https://images.app.goo.gl/5YYST7QSZGxMsaTm9

I think if you make the two veins of skin to the left and right of the throat sag and kinda dangle down more I think that would help

Agreed, I’m working on refining the skin sags.

Added some refinement to the face/mouth, and started redoing the sags. I’m a lot happier with the neck as it is now, I think I just need to fill it in completely.

Wow. This is looking really good. I’m curious to see the front view though because I just saw some video about the trex’s eyesight. Apparently they had really good eyesight and had almost no blind spot in the front. So I’m curious to see if your trex looks more like this Image result for trex field of view or this Image result for trex field of view. Anyway good job.

Thanks! Unfortunately it looks more like the second haha:


I’ve made a bit more progress, and I think i’m ready to start scales, after refining the upper neck:


I think I’m happy with the sculpt, I rendered with some random shaders to see how the detail holds up in various conditions:


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Wow its looking really good, the details are insane. The only thing I can critique is that the eye are looks like he is missing an eyelid. From this view you can’t really see the upper eyelid.

I can see a little crease with the grey material so maybe its just the material but I would consider making it more defined.


Some updates, baked down the sculpt details to a normal map and started texturing. Somehow the height info looks a little weird, and the roughness also seems a little off, so any pointers on shading would be appreciated. If you squint though, it looks quite good…

Here’s a picture of the sculpt for comparison.