I’m planning on posting this one on Artstation, so I want it to be flawless. If you’ve got any critiques, please tell me. Dont mind about the black line at the jaw, I’ll fix that later. For now I’ll be sculpting more detail, later on I’m going to retopologize and texture.

Hi. Cool stuff. Lower jaw too thin. Arms fingers too big. Butt too big. Tail needs smoothing. More angles would help.

Thats the kind of feedback I’m talking about! I’ll fix the problems and then give more angles.

Any more feedback?

Pretty good sculpting work here! I’d make the head a bit bigger and make the whole animal slightly thinner on the x axes, but I’m no paleontologist… You should add more details where you want the big scales to be, maybe also some scars or so… Do you plan on using feathers?

Hey. Below is what I was thinking about more or less. It isn’t based on any reference though, so you should check that up. What reference material are you using for this?


Thanks for your feeback, I’ll look into it! I will be adding more detail, this project is stil WIP. I’m not planning on adding any feathers.


Here’s my reference:

I also use some reference from google, but BA only allows 3 images per post.

Good. Some pictures for chest/arms area would be usefull too. You can even see a little of it in your first pisture. How muscles and skin go around and between neck and shoulders. Also his eyes seem to be much lower, lower than this upper part of his neck, that is quite characteristic…

Now that you say that, I see it to!! I’ll fix it as soon as possible. Thank you so much!
btw, here’s some more reference:

p.s.: I wont be working on my t-rex for the coming 2 weeks, because I have a test-period coming up. As soon as I’ve finshed my test-period, I’ll post some more images

Hey, no big deal, we should help eachother. I’am looking forward to seeing it finished.