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Until now the Proportional Size of the Proportional Editing tool can set with the mousewheel, pgup and down or, once the action is validated, in the correct field on the left column.
I use Blender for fun but I often set a G (S or R) value in line with the keyboard using TAB to switch between xyz.
When the O is turned on, the Influence Radius appears next to those values but TAB doesn’t allow to switch to its value and then amend it before hitting Enter.
I find it useful and everything is possible to the Blender Masters.That’s the truth, isn’t that ?

you can change proper radius with the scroll wheel

happy bl

set a G (S or R) value in line with the keyboard using TAB to switch between xyz

Usually one would click x,y or z keys to use axis constraint; how did you manage to include Tab key in this?

Besides mouse scroll wheel you can use PgUp, PgDn or Shift and these keys to increase/decrease influence values. Afaik there is no way to enter influence value manually.

how would I add this feature (tab key switching) , assuming I’m ever able to do it.
It must be a few lines of c++ somewhere in the precompiled source.
I’ve never compiled a Blender build yet but it’s a possibility. The more knowledge you grab, the more Blender is yours.

Maximum i’ve heard of is precompiled header files for faster overall compilation process - plain source code is surely better for viewing and editing. Blender’s source code is freely available on Git.
While i have compiled Blender, i have no knowledge of where this particular code segment would be. Also, afaik, C prevails in it’s code.

The tutorial about Git is already too much a dauting task for me not to mention the compiling part with all the bugs that it arises.
It requires Visual Studio 7 +, doesn’t it ?
Moreover the installer available on suits me but it remains an interesting experience.
Why did you need to compile Blender for yourself?
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Git (link above) is where you could have some look into Blender’s source, “…few lines of c++ somewhere…”
Visual Studio, if that’s Win platform, then -yes, you would need it to get Blender with some changed/added code lines into executable state…
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