Table Vase

Hey guys,

Well, I’ve started to work in Blender again and I hope to get things started off right. I’m trying to make a table with a Vase on it, with a few other things on the table as well. I’ve gotten this far, and I would like any critiques at all. I need any help that I can get. Sorry, if I may come off as a total newbie, but i’m really not. This is what I have so far, I hope to get farther then this. ^_^. However, because I saved this image like this, when I tried to go to edit mode, it ended being stuck in Object Mode, does anyone know why and how I could change it back to edit mode, or do I have to start all over again?

it seems to be a bit to big to be a vase or else it would hold a lot of flowers! and you will need to give the glass some thickness. but its a start! 8)

How would I make the glass on the vase clear enough for you to see through it? Also, how would I be able to make flowers…plants…etc. I was also wondering how I could make a cd case with text on it. If there’s any tutorial links that would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for the comment.

I think Blender 2.37 now features presets for glass, mirror and something else, but I may be incorrect.

CD case with text, is that a clear CD case? I would try an Alpha image on a clear surface. You’ll have to UV map it on.

This may sound like a total noOb question, but what would be an Alpha image? Would that be a image that was premade and after you made the case you just move the image on top of the case to even it out to make it more like a cd case with the booklet inside…etc? I’m going to work more on the scene today, and I’ll post an update of how far I’ve gotten.

Alpha image is an image that has a “channel”, which means there is a layer embedded within the image that tells designated sections to be invisible.

It is like placing a clear sticker with a printed image, onto something, …onto a mesh.

PaintShop Pro and a few other programs (Mabye Gimp too) have the capabilities of creating Alpha Images.

Most Alpha images are saved as a TGA file (eg. Untitled.tga)

If you want, I can e-mail you (maybe post a ZIP file) of a sample Blend file that uses an Alpha image.