Table with things on

Hi all.
I finished this and would welcome any feedback. It was made and rendered in blender and post production was in photoshop
Espically on the texturing or if there is anything else I should add.

I’d say texture wise it looks pretty good, although I might pick a less busy texture for the wall. It just seems slightly distracting to me. Also the clock looks very flat. Not sure if it’s actually modeled completely, or just a flat circle with a clock face textured onto it. Also the edges of the table are incredibly sharp. I would add maybe a slight bevel to those as well. I like the composition though.

Good scene, good concept :slight_smile:
Bad properties:

-Your clock seems to be bursting out light. I’d say that’s due to specularity. Change the specularity value down, and use raytraced transparency.

-The light switch on the left hand side is kinda tiny. I’d makje it a little bigger, just a little.

-The edges look very sharp. Add a very slight bevel to overcome this effect.

-Everything is bland and white. Why not add some colors? You have grey and white objects against a… grey and white background. It’s distracting and making it hard for us to see the objects fully, as they blend into the wall because of the colors.

-The well texture is highly bump-mapped. My advice: Set the Normal value to something lower. I’d try 75-50% of the current value.

That’s all I can find for now :slight_smile:

Happy blending!

I agree with Acromartsu in the following two points:

Aaaand the clock seems odd. But apart from that: Excellent work, mate!

Bevel your edges :slight_smile: I think what’s happened with your clock is either : the glass is a solid cylinder and you haven’t set the translucency <pardon my spelling… wait no, I think that’s right :slight_smile: > or your glass on the clock is not transparent enough.

Best of luck with this project :slight_smile: it looks great!