Tackling DXF imported curves: Tutorial by N3ON

In context to tutorial:


The following instruction need more clarification (at least for me):

> Go into edit mode (Tab Key) select every thing that dose not need
> curve handle (thingys),

That mean select only straight segments.

> in this case every thing except the pillar/circle & change them to vector control points (V Key).

Converted fine.

> Next we want to select (at least) one point/vertex

I had circular columns. Should I select one vertex or all?

> (but the the end ones or you’ll have missing segments later on)
>in each of the curved corners

How to find end point in a circle?

> & toggle cyclic (C Key) to stop them from being solid.

I selected one point, on pressing C, it stopped being sollid. But, then it was an arc, somepart missing.

Further, as per this tutorial, these columns/ Arcs was not converted into mesh. When to convert them into mesh. On following tutorial, when I tried on convert open arcs with ALT-C in to mesh, it says invalid selection.

In first step in Blender, If I select everything and press “V” to convert into vector control points, then columns converted into squares, rotated 45 degrees.

I will appreciate, if I could get clarifications in this regards,

With kind regards,

You could have just repleyed to the tutorial tread.

Kinda, it could also be circles and arcs (if they are not using curve handles to generate the curve). It depends on how your CAD program generates them.

If you look at the image on the tut I didn’t do it to the circles.

Leave em alone. :slight_smile:

So don’t do it (you’ll have to just remove the generated polys/tries manually).

Huh? Where you in object mode?

(well that’s what it dose) As you said “select only straight segments”.

I’m sorry you found my tutorial so hard to follow (have you checked the docs on editing curves?). But I think all the basics are there and when working on a different DXF you will of course need to improvise.