TacoBurger Truck

This is a shot from a film I’m hoping to be releasing soon! The actual scene takes place at night, but then I decided I liked it during sunset. But now I think I prefer the nighttime one. But eh here’s both.


This is so awesome! The night scene has a great contrast between the dark blue night sky with the bright lights dragging the attention away from the gray, concrete buildings. The sunset scene is also pretty cool. It’s high energy and looks like a bunch of folks are on their way out to grab dinner before heading home. The night scene looks more social, pleasant, and overall chill. Love it!

This is awesome! :metal:t2:

Hello Mrdodobird,
Hope you are doing amazing,
I like the night scene better,
But to be honest both lighting setups are so good that i might change my mind.
Awesome art, this artwork has one thing I want to achieve it feels like a real world picture.
Keep Blending, :smiley:

Beautiful images. I prefer the night version; more mysterious.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Stunnig control of light. Just follow your instinct. Go with which one helps to put the story forward best. Thank you for sharing this beautiful image.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Great Job Bird,
kinda reminds me a Marek Denko style and that is always a good sign.

Wonderful work, it evokes a powerful atmosphere! So much storytelling here. :+1:

Night version was it, no need to have posted the other.

Great images! Beautiful.
I just think the night scene is a bit dull, lacking contrast.

Great work

No lazy tutorial on this? Dude!

J/k, awesome job!

Great work ! looking forward to see the film

the sunset shot is awesome, but that night shot is perfection

That’s what I was thinking! Or at least, I kind of felt it wasn’t all that coherent compositionally.

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Seems like there was a huge job

Great work, Ian.

Can’t wait to see your film.
I don’t know why, I like more the second shot… And I don’t know why, it feels sunrise to me, kind of a morning at some altitude…