Tactical Emergency looking for a team.

Im looking for people to join my team to create a game quicker. If we make anything of the game, you will get paid! Lets do this!!

Drop me a link to some of your work either, youtube or website etc.
I`m looking for Concept designers, Coders, Animators, modelers, Ideas and so on.

If you think you can bring something to the table, let me know here.

Thank you


Hm… I bet I could do coding, just tell me what to do and I just have to get free time:)

Brilliant. I need help with A.I big time :slight_smile:

Nice to help you!:slight_smile: I can help with coding and ideas, maybe even a bit of modelling(although it is not my strong side). But don’t expect animations from me. I suck at them…:smiley: I will actually need animator when I return to In-Dome and start(and than finish) the Von Der Dead network engine. Than the characters will need good, IK-based animations… Especially Von Der Dead where I will need Assassin’s Creed - like animation system(climbing walls where arm’s get attached to cams instead of flat surfaces, correct manuevring during rooftop walking etc.:)). Will you have something similar in this game aswell?:slight_smile:

See i dont use IK for my animation. I know i know lol, but my animations are mostly from MIXAMO that i have tweaked. Yeah im going to add running up a wall, scaling a wall you may call it :slight_smile: it`s simple, but hard to implement.

Character, characterbox > character does animation, character box stays in same place “Remove parent from character”>
Character gets to top of wall, character moves to top of wall “Parent character to box” on end of animation.

Only problem is that now animations will go through floor because they had location on the floor on z axis :frowning: etc etc…

So instead don`t Remove parent>Character box “Parent to a separate new BONE” stay on floor > Animation wall climb
> wall climb animation end frame put character box BONE at top of wall. There is still problems, but can be worked around.

I wish there was a more simply way :frowning:

I know your situation - no IKs. I don’t know how to correctly use them so I am not making games with IKs… Later I will try one specific rig:) I am wondering if it is possible to set world position of specific bone…

just never animate the root bone, any transforms of that bone are done by moving the hitbox,

you just have to move it in sequence with the animation.

I don’t know, but you may he able to use a animation on the hitBox itself?

I’ve joined with several other teams, but I will help here as well. (concept arts, modeling, animation) please show me direction …

The hitbox cant follow animation if the animation "Armature" is parented to hit box, as when the animation is moving up or forward and the hitbox moves the animation, lets say climbing ladder will be offset.

I will :slight_smile:

Sad that you are loaded already. I’d like to see you in my team aswell, lol:D

So move the actor up, using
own.applyForce((0,0,9.8*own.mass),0)#cancel grav
own.localLinearVelocity.z=climb rate
This should work fine, you can even play the climbing animation at a rate depending on speed, (so it will always line up)

I can do modelling and lighting.
I put some of my work on my blog from time to time: http://dancing-polygon.tumblr.com/