Tactical Espionage Game . . . (WIP)

Hi and Actually GE of Blender is Actually one of my most faviourite things at all :smiley:
and my profession is Modelling , … but i can do good textures too
here is my last work , he will be the hero of the game ,

this tex is ignored see tex2
he is me :o … Modelled in Blender and texed in photoshop CS 2
he is low poly 1200 faces
and here goes another pic of him
tex 2
actually i made him with two steps , i made the head with six hours or something then i completed him after that , the body modelling took the same time 6 hours …
and here goes the model it self with the creation steps too for you to learn from
i think it is good enogh for ps1 game at least or even better , … i will be making the basic animations like walking , climbing and diving , … i don’t get satisfied too much with animation but i will learn it , but i’m sure that it will be easier than modelling :wink:

the game will be a “work alone project” , … one of the most hard chalnges ;)…
but for sure everyone that will help me or support me will be credited as plantperson did in his 2nd zarks game

i’m good in GE , but new to python releated in ge
here goes my first games that i created …

and the other new character will be this boss , …
this boss is not made yet , …

the game will be free , not for sale … and when it is completed 100 % the blends will be public to learn from … :yes:

that main character isn’t named yet , … and i will model some tools and gadgets on his back too just before making the animation so he look like a real spy :slight_smile:

Actually when i make that boss , i will post the same image of how i made him , …
so it is semi-tutorial , … that is the only why of answering how i make my models , because a lot of people PMed me to right a guide on Doing them , … but actually i have no time to right a guide maybe those images will be enough

the game type will be real world / (not scifi) and maybe i will jump in the future 12 years or something , maybe the game will be in 2018 or near that …
Blender Game Engine will be usued but when i ask you about python please help me , … :o
because i’m little noob there , … i know the basics like making camera script that don’t go through walls and save/load and those things right now , but i am learning it now …

the company name will remain to
Zodiak Soft
and those are a pic of the main character gadget …


Sounds good for now, I played your previous games so in my opinion you are up to it.
And you know that you’ll get all the suport you need here…

So, decided to take your material from the Falling Worlds and putting it into another game. And you’re working alone on it, ey? Well, happy working alone, and I sure hope you’re going to finish this game. :smiley:

Looks great.

- AniCator

thanks guy and don’t prevent us from your support , …

there is another friend of mine (photoshop professional) that will make our logo for the game
a sample of his work is

it is not something for the game but he will work as a 2D artist , … he isn’t that good in 3d but he is 2D …
waiting for your posts all , …

ok , …
the game name :- Zodiac Spear "you will understand the name after completing the game :slight_smile: "
the company name :- Merk Soft
the logos will come as soon as they are ready .

You sound pretty serious. I hope it’ll become a great game.
I shouldn’t but I’d like to join your team if you allow me to. I’d like to join it as an animator. If I’m not good enough I’ll just quit and continue on other stuff like ehm… my other projects.

- AniCator

thanks AniCator , … but as i have told you , … just i will work alone and 2D artist , …
do i seem rude with that , no excuse me , i love you , but i want to train myself with making a complete game
ok , here goes a cactus and a pack of ciggarets and an ashtray …
and the work is coming slowly , the scene number one will be revealed as a concept of how would it be like …


Hello 3DGURU,

I was reading fast enough to skip your ‘work-alone’ part by accident.
Those models look nice. Have you made the textures by yourself? With The GIMP, maybe?

- AniCator

I was reading fast enough to skip your ‘work-alone’ part by accident.
Those models look nice. Have you made the textures by yourself? With The GIMP, maybe?

i have made the textures by myself ya :slight_smile: , but it is one of my first textures and i’m using painting tablet . and photoshop

since i have posted a post here goes the basic logo made by phoenix that other member

Nice logo. Hope the game works out. (so many games seem to fail. If more games were produced with the BGE maby there would be real work in it’s development.)

i promise you that this one will not fail at all :slight_smile: , i will dedicate my self to it :slight_smile:

Good luck man! sounds like an amazing one-man project :slight_smile:

Good luck man! sounds like an amazing one-man project :slight_smile:

yep one-man project but you forgot phoenix :slight_smile: , …
btw , jassar is a real artist , don’t miss his works guys :slight_smile:

The scene that you put the guy in kind of reminds me of the opening of Metal Gear Solid. I know its just a demo pic, but thats what it reminds me of.

ititrx PM’ed me, he doesn’t really like you:

EDIT: removed quote

- AniCator

deleted reply , not necessary … lol …
_________________________ actually that made me laugh lol … :smiley:
Hi guys , …
here goes the office i’m creating 10 % complete for the first scene , …


LOL, why is there a cigar in the plant?

LOL, why is there a cigar in the plant?

it’s a story , the character is desperated when he was setting in the chair and have that phone call , someone that threats him …

and he was somking , and he do it when he gets the call , … lol …

i can’t describe it too much , but when you see the scene you will like it :slight_smile: