Tagada Render

Hi, I’ve just come accross a bakery during my hollydays where I saw this sort of glass full of tagada strawberries and since this time, I knew that I have to recreate this with blender,and now it’s done ! so hope you enjoy it and let me know what do you think about it please :slight_smile:

glass looks awesome, but tagada material could be improved (not that easy)
what about some sugar powder in the bottom of the jar?

hi ! thank you for your comment and yeah, at the begining I did about 800 particles of sugar on every tagada to make the material looking better but it was taking too much time and blender crashes almost every time I tried to render it so I remove it (it also cause some lights problems and make the render looking much more noisy) and for the sugar powder : why not, but I don’t know how to render it properly but I do agree for adding something around the glass because the scene looks a bit empty…

(PS I don’t know if you can see it but I accidentaly join another of my render with it and I don’t know how to remove it; so If somedy can help ^^)

(Okay I found how to remove my other attachement myself)

this might not totally solve your problem, but there is a trick in blender to save memory: apparently if you duplicate objects with ALT+D, blender only uses the data of one object (however, you have to apply your subdiv before, so it’s not always worth it)
as for the sugar powder, I guess the workaround would be to find a proper texture. This can work especially on the candies themselves with a normal map, but also in the bottom. Then again you might want to practice on some other projects or tutorials and go back to it later, it’ll seem easier then.
good luck and congrats again!

Thanks a lot ! Yeah, I think I have to deal with my normals maps wich are not really great but every details I made are blured because of the noise removal I add to the image but yeah and thanks too for the Alt-D solution, I didn’t knew it looks great… So I’m only 16 so of course I have to watch tons of tutorials if I want my renders to looks great :wink:
thanks again for your comments that really helps !