Taj Mahal

blender 2.63a , rendered in BI

the render looks incomplete, though assuming that this ain’t the final render.
can you please show the model. i would like to have a look at it.
and yeah give it a tint of green, i suggest you get a good normal map on it,
really impressed by the model though, can you please post some wire frames?

I agree that is doesn’t look complete. You should change the sky and add better grass along with that pranavjitirdi said. The sky has clouds on the ground which does not seem natural and the grass is way too short. There are a number of grass tutorials on the internet. One good one is on BlenderCookie. Also, I suggest you light it differently. The lighting seems very flat and there are not too many shadows. Photographers usually photograph at sunrise or dusk because of the shadows and colors given off by the sun and atmosphere so you could change the time of day and have the light come from the east or west. :slight_smile: Hope it helps. Pros, please correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

yes ,it is incomplete, that’s why it is in WIP section. I am going to model trees along side and wondering to render it in cycles instead.

The UV unwrapping and texturing must be very hard work, this is Work in progress, and show some wires, I think you fist have to work with materials and textures first.