Take a Look?

Hello, I’ve recently started using blender to model stuff for games like GTA SA and ect. I’m working on a weapon at the moment and would be interested in your input, It’s not finished but i’ll post a image after it is. This is my first model and i’m having quite a bit of fun modeling it and laughing at me getting fustrated with all the different buttons and hotkey binds in blender, Hopefully i will become a professional modeler and coder so i could make some games in the near future.

Thanks if you input into the comments, As i said i’ve just started and spent like 30minutes on this. Hoping to finish it shortly!



I’m laughing too. Not because of your model and not because your first post in here, but because you think you’ll be finished shortly.
I did that too when I first started with Blender and didn’t know much about 3D (even though tried with 3D Max and Maya before that). I might have even said “how hard can it be”.

Be patient, watch tutorials, don’t try to ride a bike before learning to walk.
Depending on what kind of result you expect, guns can be quite hard to model. It’s not a typical “hello world” to 3D, a wine glass is.

Speaking of wine… Imagine a 20 story building full of wine and yourself standing next to it with a mug in your hand, watching wine dripping through a small crack on the wall. The wine in the building represents all the features in Blender, and the mug represents how much it’s possible to get wine for yourself at one time - Try too hard, mug overflows and you end up wasting it anyway.
But think of it this way: how much fun can one have with a virtually endless supply of wine? Just show up with a mug and party on.

Happy blending :slight_smile:

Ah i see. I’m trying to keep it 3D but not using reference yet, I’ll be using it after i have finished the model to actually prop it up properly and make it look more “3D” if you get what i mean. I’ve got my brother helping me with all the binds and that lot but otherwise i have got at least 1-10 binds what i know. I ask him for help as he has used blender for 2 years and it’s quite fun once you know how. I find it easy to model and that lot, but i don’t want the gun looking like a box as i am modding it for “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” and i have to keep it quite low Poly so it doesn’t crash the game if you use it with some other mods. I’m having to export as a .obj file and import it into another editor what supports “Grand Theft Auto’s” actual format for exportation. I know what i am doing at this time but am going to hopefully do more modeling and become more “Professional”, not that i am professional at this moment in time. With this i say thanks for replying and giving me tips on what to do and everything.