Take up thy weapon

OK this is my first finished project. its a promo pick for Londaier warriors game which u may or may not no im a developer for the team

well like it says its one of their weapons.

5 hours of modelling
200,000 polies (roughly)
Texturing None



:o wow thats one nice sword, if its a long sword or even a broad sword, the handle should be longer though

I dont think u can get a pic in ur sig as HTML is not on

thats just awsome! :smiley:

Couldn’t find any problem spots, I love the detail :slight_smile:

ook i have like 40 things wrong with that

  1. errr actually no i dont lol looks awesome :D.

is it me of does the hilt look like it has a wheel on it? and what was the settings for the blade?

Pretty cool :smiley: