Tangent Animation Shuts Down

WHAT?! This is so sad :disappointed_relieved:


The studio had built an unconventional production pipeline using open-source Blender software rather than the standard Autodesk Maya pipeline.

Putting this way, it’s almost as the article is trying to imply something. :thinking:

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Na i dont think they imply that - they made a funny reference to the name Maya

But they focused more on the leadership.

Still super sad - but hey the Company that made Life of Pi shut down afterwards yet the film won Oscar prices…


I guess you’re right. I’m reading too much into it.

Which is really strange. Not long ago, Tangent was looking for employees.

Wow. Complete shutdown that’s unexpected.
The Article also implies the Producers & miscommunication, nothing to do with the pipeline because they already finished that “Maya” Project.

Both Monkey King and High in the Clouds have celebrity producers who lack extensive knowledge of animation production – Stephen Chow and Paul McCartney, respectively – which likely complicated the relationship between Netflix and Tangent.


The Life of Pi studio also did not have the Covid19 pandemic to deal with (which led to a near shutdown of all big budget productions). I would not be surprised if it led to a notable dent in Tangent’s revenue, especially when noting how Canada (where Tangent is located) was one of the most locked down countries on the planet, and that is still true to an extent.


To be fair to you, you aren’t the only one to have that take, judging by the comments on the article. The author said in a reply that no link between the shutdown and using Blender is implied.

I think it is the placement of the information in the article and the wording that is causing the confusion. Perhaps writing “The studio is notable for having built…” would have made it clear that this was intended only as information about the studio in general.

The first reaction I had when I saw this news is like someone who was in a plane flying somewhere, and all of a sudden, the plane is “gone” and he is now on “free fall” mode, only in this case it’s 400 people in free fall mode… ( how many of them have a parachute I wonder ? ).

I think covid here does not have the same impact like on Hollywood.

Tangent to my understanding did only CG animations not live shooting.

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Sad news, just as I was starting to work on a new reel specifically to apply to Tangent :cry:


Sad news indeed. I loved Next Gen.

Maybe the Blender studio can hire a few Tangent talents, maybe as remote jobs.


Wow that is sad. They were very proactive in passing their work back into the blender base. I am sure most of not all of those 400 employees will secure other jobs, some might even be companies that they themselves setup. It would be great if they have learned the mutual benefit of supporting the tool they use.

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Devastating news. All the best to everyone from Tangent, what they achieved was awesome.



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This is devastating. I really hope they release some sort of statement. Was there nothing that could be done? Jeff and Ken (I think Phyllis left) are smart guys with tons of experience and a proven track record, it sucks that they weren’t able to find additional funding or outside investors.

I need to look into this tonight, but does this mean Tangent Labs/Loupe is also shut down? That project always interested me, even though I use ftrack at work.

Apparently Tangent stopped using Blender for recent projects.

Unless I missed something, no? The latest movie they did with Netflix is called Maya and the Three, if that’s what you mean.