tangram fans, anybody?

Some tired of my current research work at university, so I pick up this old puzzle game. To my surprise, I can not find even one book which collects many patterns and is been published in the last 50 years in China mainland! I have to turn to google, and only find limited patterns, what a pity that no more people cares this kind of traditional toys. :frowning:

some info in case you do not know what is the tangram


Take a Tangram puzzle (if you haven’t one, cut the puzzle out of a chipboard sheet according to the diagram above with grey background, fig.1) and form with these 7 pieces the black figures below. Then, form their white counterparts. In both cases, you have to use all 7 pieces! Explain why a small triangular element is missing in the black figures.


i have a very good book about this (but i am not that interested in it, it was a present )
it is on german, and there are many, many differnt patterns (right word?)
in it

the language is German, though. if you want i can send you the isbn number.