Tank Arena V1.0


I have finished my game Tank Arena. It is a very easy to play, multiplayer game (played on the one keyboard) which can be downloaded from my website at this address.


All instructions are in the .zip file you will download. Screenshots of the game are on the website.

Please post feedback, it will come in handy when I go to make better versions of the game.

Lastly, I hope this is where this sort of post is supposed to go, if not please tell me and I will move it to its correct place


Very simple, but because of this it’s fun to play.

I don’t have any suggestions about the gameplay. Except maybe tanks can pick up ‘power-up’s’ like grenades, etc. to increase variation.

I have suggestions about visual style & audio. Maybe when you feel like add some nice textures and details. Also a few sounds would help make it more dynamic.

One minor error: when both tanks are pushing each other front-to-front, they start to fly and disappear from the screen.

Final tip: on your website, do not use BMP as fileformat for screenshots. The filesize is too big. Use JPG with a little compression to make it easier to download and see the image/images.

congratulations on your game :slight_smile:


thanks for the feedback.

I plan to implement all o those things into the next version of the game which I am starting work on. so I will keep you all updated.

I will change it from bmp to jpg, sry it was a mistakke. thanks for picking it up.

please, I need more feedback anyone?

oops, sry, I forgot to mention this:

If you have no feedback to give could you please just post something mentioning that you downloaded it. It can only some thing simple like “Downloaded your game, I like it”.


Downloaded your game, I liked it :slight_smile:

It’s fairly simple and fun, but I liked victor’s idea of powerups or gernades, maybe even being able to shoot :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a similar game that was 1 player when I first started the game engine.

yeah, I think i will put some stuff in like power ups and health packs but I just don’t want to put to much in so that it takes that simple fun concept awau from the game. A heap of people have suggested power ups and health packs (not just in this forum) so that is what will be in the next version of the game.


Downloaded your game. Not bad at all and very simple. Sometimes when going head on the attacker would sustain more damage than the attacked. Power ups and stuff would definatly add to this game and make it more versitile and give it a better replay value in my opinion.

thanks for the feedback.

Remember people, the game is on my website and ready for download! Your feedback will aid me in making the game better!

Okay, I have just put together a list of things that I will be implementing in the next version.

Here is a list of things I intend to do:

-Implement some nice textures to the tanks and the arena
-Remove the “Cube” feeling of the arena and make it into an interesting arena (have curbs and banners on the walls and stuff like that)
-Have different special objects that can be collected that give you health boosts, more damage and quicker speed for a set amount of time
-Have a graphical health bar
-Have a game menu

Should I make the game splitscreen or keep it the way it is?
Also is there anything else you think should be added?

I think it should stay the way it is instead of going splitscreen. Theres a python script somewhere that would make the camera follow both tanks, when theyre far apart it would zoom out and when theyre close it will zoom in on them.