Tank Bullet

Wow - I’ve been literaly wading through tutorials - but nothing on how to make a projectile. I need a bullet for a tank that explodes on contact. Anyone know of a good tutorial for this?

Hey! Nobody knows how to do this?

Hello? Anyone home?

Hi, man! Alright…

Make your gun.
Make an empty.
Place Empty at the tip of the gun.
Parent empty to gun.
Make bullet.
Make bullet dynamic object.
Give it a simple box collision bounds.
Go to game logic.
Make a click sensor on the empty.
Attach it to a controller.
Attach the controller to an add object actuator.
Make the object the bullet.
Make lin v -8 on the y-axis. (you can go higher or lower… just test that out…)
Move the bullet to layer 2.
Make a tank.
Maket the bullet an actor.
Make exploding animation.
Make a collision sensor that senses an object with the property ‘bullet’
Give the Bullet a property named ‘bullet’
Attach that to a controller.
Attach the controller to an ipo actuator.
Make it play animation.

You can give the tank bones… but for that you would need an Action actuator.
You can make the tank add planes with an explosion mapped to them as long as the planes are on a seperate layer.

Hope this helps!-YA

Hmmm…thanks a lot; I thought maybe it had something to do with IPOs. I know most examples use them - so I guess it’s IPO tutorials this weekend!

Imo, typically if you don’t have to see the tank bullet you don’t want to model and detail a tank round. It can take up RAM which you don’t want. But if the tank, and the bullet is much like the bullets like the game “tanks” ( the low-poly game that can be played with up to 4 people ) and the bullets move slowly but are effected heavily by the wind, angle, and power you put behind it. You could just have a cylider and a cone joined together for the missle.

Now the exploding part you may need to set up a script so that the bullet ( when it collides with something) will break apart as well as make fragments so those fly everywhere like an explosion. Just a thought. -dylan.

Shape keys would help, too…

OOH! I GOT IT! Make a mesh of the regular tank. Then, make a new, textured mesh of the destroyed tank. Make it so that when the bullet collides with the tank, the Edit Object> Replace Mesh actuator is run. Put in the ME name of your destroyed tank. Then just hook it up to an add object actuator to add a halo plane with an explosion mapped to it.

This is how many video games do this.


Darkscarab.com has a tut on this

Great answers. Thanx everyone! Yep; I did the Dark Scarab tut. last night - it works great. The tank even rocks when it fires! I should have it available for download later today - Rapidshare is screwing me around. I think I’ll just upload it to my brother’s site and post the link here. Ok. Here it is:

wow - link is dead; Rapidshare is TRASH!