Tank [Online]

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Download Link:http://www.moddb.com/games/battle-tank-online/downloads/tank-update-1

Update tracks with GLSL shader.

How did you do that? Looking good…

thanks. im writed glsl shader.

Looking good! How’re the maps coming along?

thanks. yet map is empty. I’ll make a small map for update 2.

cool project DragonLee, also very nice glsl shader on the tracks, great work…

thank you hanzo arcade

NPC Seller

NPC Moruk

New Colors

ASDW movement, E show inventory, Q show body, F10 Exit

Update 2

Tank - Update 2

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[1] So (NONE) of the assets are actually created by you (?)
[2] Does “[ONLINE]” mean it’s going to have NETWORK or SPLIT-SCREEN multiplayer (?)

1 - assets created me.
2 - metin2 style online game.

You know how to do ONLINE MULTIPLAYER (?) :thinking:

Three players at the same time. MMORPG style

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You mis-understand.
I’m asking (YOU) if you know how to CODE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.

it won’t be too fast. It will refresh about every two seconds.

That’s hardly the problem.

Lots of other BGE pros have (TRIED) & (FAILED) on making a playable ONLINE MULTIPLAYER of ANY kind.